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FYI Ford, Classic Mustang Tech Discussion » AOD no hole for speedo-gear » Today 12:16 PM

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thanks guys! and thank you all again for  good help and info! (I am pretty sure it is not the last post in here

FYI Ford, Classic Mustang Tech Discussion » FRONT END ALIGNMENT - BAD NEWS » Today 9:31 AM

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I was able to have my front end aligned this morning at a Ford Dealership. The fellah that does the alignments comes with high regards so I thought that I would try him. We spent 3 hours on her and worked at getting it right. In the end she needed shims added to the Upper Control Arms. I measured them to be .110" thick. I had no idea how involved aligning this car was.  I look forward to having this issue behind me. No worn, loose or broken parts.
BEFORE I  buy new tires and keep an eye on the wear on the tires let me provide some information that may have been missing from my original post based on some questions concerning my set up that may help guide me toward resolving my problem.
1. New coil springs from Virginia Classic Mustang 67-70 Small Block V8/6 Cylinder Item #SU8306.
2. 1" Sway Bar
3. Mustang Steve's Disk Brake Conversion Kit using original spindles
4. 1" Shelby Drop
5. BF Goodrich 245/45ZR17 Tires
6. Rims from a 2013 Factory OEM Mustang Part Number DR3Z1007E Hollander 3906 Size 17" x 7"
7. 2" spacers All the way around.
8. Current Measurements:
CAMBER = LF 1.0 RF 1.0
CASTER - .1* RF .4*
TOE = LF 5/64" RF 6/64"
TOTAL TOE 10/64"
If by providing this information could provide the correct alignment numbers, that would be great.THANK YOU

FYI Ford, Classic Mustang Tech Discussion » aod shifting » Today 8:46 AM

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The AOD, in stock form, or rebuilt to stock, tends to have undesirable or lack-luster shifting characteristics. Probably the only way you'll get a better shifting response from it is to install a shift kit in the valve body.

If this was an AODE (2nd generation AOD) or, the much better 4R70W (3rd generation AOD), you wouldn't need to buy a shift kit for it to vastly improve its shifting response. A few simple modifications to specific holes in the 4R70W valve body separator plate and you can program the shift points and line pressures through a stand-alone shift controller.

FYI Ford, Classic Mustang Tech Discussion » AOD no hole for speedo-gear » Today 8:36 AM

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Looks like you did a good job 'punching' the hole out and I bet it'll work just fine.

FYI Ford, Classic Mustang Tech Discussion » aod shifting » Today 8:04 AM

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installed a rebuilt 89 aod behind my 302 in 65 coupe my question is it seams to be shifting fine 1-2-3 but overdrive shift in to early and shifts out to late sometimes won't shift out of od till about 30 mph. I have the line pressure set in neutral with the lokar tool installed at 38psi so I don't know if my line pressure is to low or high. any thoughts?

FYI Ford, Classic Mustang Tech Discussion » New 65 GT; keep stock or modify? » Today 5:56 AM

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Great survivor!  Can you post a picture of the running horse hood ornament?  

FYI Ford, Classic Mustang Tech Discussion » 70 351W » Yesterday 7:37 PM

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It will "kill-off" some of the rumpity-rump tone of your "high-dollar" camshaft too..................if that's important.

FYI Ford, Classic Mustang Tech Discussion » Ak Millers Hi Performance 6 » Yesterday 6:35 PM

66 coupe wrote:

Not to bust a bubble, but in 64-65, Dodge and Plymouth had their small cars with the 225 six, an aluminum intake and Carter AFB, higher compression head, marine cam, cast iron dual exhaust and 4 speed.  It was called the Hy-Per Pak, and it really ran strong.  One of these outran a buddy's 65 Malibu with a pretty stout 283.  Almost started a fight.
Hmm, toss in the Corvair Turbo Monza and that could have been an interesting 6 cyl matchup.

Weight to horsepower.  A 283 in a Nova can rip pretty good, but hauling around that Malibu its undersized.  Think about it like this: a 150HP in a car is a joke, but in a motorcycle its a rocket ship. 

A 6 is going to make more torque at a lower RPM than a similarly sized V8 too, because they have small bores and long strokes.  So, even though that 225 is giving up 58 cubes to the 283 I'll bet its making as much torque, because the 225 has a 4.125" stroke vs. the 283s 3" stroke.  Same reason the 5.9 Dodge/Cummins always made more torque than the Ford/IH and GM?Detroit engines that were 7.3s and 6.5s respectively.  Its tough to beat a big six for low end torque.  Modified to spin you can get both low end and top end and have a pretty good combination.

Ultimately the V8s start to win because they can easily be made bigger than 300 cid.  So the 6 has to resort to a turbo to remain competitive and costs start to get out of hand.  There are some seriously powerful 6s out there, but being expensive to build is why most guys opt for a V8. 

FYI Ford, Classic Mustang Tech Discussion » How to flush fuel line w/o car running? » Yesterday 4:30 PM

(sorry was having trouble uploading the pic)

Had to air out the garage to get rid of the of carb cleaner smell but this actually worked pretty good. One can of carb cleaner and an air compressor seemed to do the job.  Little concerning of all the crud in the fuel line but I guess that's what happens after 3 years.  This was way better than replacing the entire fuel lines. ​Brand new fuel injectors, soaked the fuel rails, purged the fuel lines, will replace the fuel filter after first 2 hours of running.  Will use a system cleaner after car gets running too.  Next is changing the coolant and oil change. Getting close to start day


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