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11/30/2018 9:28 AM  #1

Car Covers

Hi Al.....l.I would like some feedback on car covers. I 'm interested in a light weight nylon cover.
They advertise them for around $139.00. I like the idea of it being light weight because, I only
park my car in the garage. As of now , the cover I use is heavy and I pass up taking the
car out because it is a pain taking the time to take the cover off and on..LAZY !! 
Also , some of the advertised, do not mention an antenna opening. What do you suggest ? Thanks Phil


11/30/2018 11:03 AM  #2

Re: Car Covers

I've got a nice Covercraft Dustop for the 65.  It does a great job. I understand your comments about inconvenient, as my space is limited and it is not easy to get around the car to get the cover all wrapped around the bumpers and valances.  I only use it for long term storage. During the driving months, I have 2 old 100% cotton quilted mattress pads (sans fitted sides) that I toss over the car.  King size covers from rear bumper to windshield wipers, and queen size covers the hood and fender tops. (antenna location is between the 2) I can cover/uncover the car myself from either side in about 10 seconds.  I toss them in the laundry once a year to get out the dust.  

​You should be able to find a 2 piece grommet from any hardware store for antenna fitment, should a cover not come with one.


11/30/2018 11:35 AM  #3

Re: Car Covers

Covers I have purchased from Covercraft, California, and Wolf all came with a two-piece gromet...fitt'em yourself.

Tim, I like the idea of using the cotton mattress covers, thanks.  I keep the Heap covered just in case our old cat decides to jump up...hasn't for a few years now but who  The problem with a fitted cover is that after a couple of years it puts more dirt on than it keeps off and washing one of those is a major PIA....and don't even think about putting it in a'll end up with a perfect fit cover for a Karman Ghia.  Don't ax how I know.


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11/30/2018 9:33 PM  #4

Re: Car Covers

I get cheap ones and replace them often. Lifes too short. My car (has to) stay outside butt under the house. Salt air is my biggest problem.  Sunshine is THE biggest killer of covers IMHO.
PS About the antennae ......."Hack that thang off...and fill in the hole". Use Bluetooth on a trip!!

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12/01/2018 7:24 AM  #5

Re: Car Covers

Had a high dollar one, like this one better @$45.

Great for keeping dust/bird souvenirs off finish & if you don't like it take it back to Wally World.

Not really good enough for outdoor but just right for garage.

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12/03/2018 12:42 AM  #6

Re: Car Covers

This is the one I use for my 65 FB.  Waterproof and holds up well:

Cheap, Fast, Good:  Pick Any Two

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