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10/17/2023 4:52 PM  #1


1966 Mustang with a 302 from a 93 tbird.  the 302 has the CVF Racing 5.0L-Serpentine AC-only kit installed.  I also have the 4R70W trans installed, and have the cooling lines connected to a new cold case 20" radiator.  The space between the radiator and water pump is only 3 1/8".

What cooling fans/shrouds are you folks using/recommend when the space is this tight?    I've searched the site and  I'm leaning towards going down mechanical fans, but worry I don't have the space.  Thoughts?  any advise appreciated.

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10/17/2023 6:34 PM  #2

Re: Cooling

Welcome new guy...
I'm an electric myself!
Junkyard/you-pull-it Ford Contour dual fans are the trick set-up. I just have the plain old Advance special.
I doubt you have many triple-digit temp days were you live  sooooooooooooo.
May need to look into mounting your radiator on the outside of the radiator support. Some percussion-engineering might be involved.

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10/18/2023 3:50 PM  #3

Re: Cooling

I had tried the modification that Sal mentioned.

The lower tank on my aluminum radiator would not allow it to go any further forward.

Look closely before cutting your radiator support notches at the top.

I lightly modified the upper portion of the support to move top of radiator forward.


10/18/2023 7:08 PM  #4

Re: Cooling

I would definitely NOT be installing the radiator in front of the core support. That just makes zero sense to me.
What width radiator did you install?  The 24” wide radiator fits if you cut the projections out of the core support.  Doing that could also help, as Dan suggested to move your radiator forward.

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10/19/2023 5:02 AM  #5

Re: Cooling

I wouldn't move the radiator wither.  Worst case mount a electric fan on the front of the radiator.  So long as its wired to push not pull it should work fine.  I run a SPAL electric fan on mine.  I fabbed a simple shroud from aluminum sheet.  Its very close to the water pump pulley, but nothing hits. 


10/19/2023 6:48 AM  #6

Re: Cooling

To clarify, I was trying to move radiator forward and still inside radiator support.

I tried placing the radiator flanges on the front side…didn’t work…lesson learned.


10/19/2023 6:57 AM  #7

Re: Cooling

Just measured, the Heap has 3 5/8 from the pulley to the two-row, 20" aluminum radiator.  I have a seven blade, 17" fan with thermal clutch, home-brew shroud that forces all air to be drawn through the radiator, home-brew coil of gas rod stuffed in the lower hose (experts tell me this won't work and will rust out and fill the system with rusty bits in no time at all.  I'm sure that's  true but mine has been in there since 2010 with no problems).
Just got back from the center of hell...San Antonio, TX area with zero heating problems.  Back in '17 I drove it to Las Vegas and ended up setting on I-15 for a half hour in 120 degree temps...with the AC on.  Heap temp got up to about 220 with me giving it a minute or two of 2000 rpm idle from time to time.  Good luck.


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10/19/2023 9:49 AM  #8

Re: Cooling

Bullet Bob wrote:

Just got back from the center of hell...San Antonio, TX
Good luck.

I believe folks from Houston go to San Antonio 'cool-off' !!!
Awful !

Get busy Liv'in or get busy Die'n....Host of the 2020 Bash at the Beach/The only Bash that got cancelled  )8

10/20/2023 9:00 AM  #9

Re: Cooling

I have a Spal #30102120 electric fan and a Summit Aluminum radiator # 380461 (stock size, 2” thick) w/a V-belt system in my 65.  The distance from the radiator the ‘nose’ of the water pump is about 3.25”. 

65 Fastback, 351W, 5-speed, 4 wheel discs, 9" rear,  R&C Front End.

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