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12/04/2023 4:21 PM  #1

need a source of quality fuel injectors or experience with cheap ones

I need 42 #/h injectors for my 393W build and there are a ton of options out there on eBay and Amazon in the $50-$80 range for a set of 8.  I then see sets of 8 going for $400-$500 and am thinking the cheap ones are just that cheap.  Anyone have any experience with this?  (I can do either EV1 or EV6/12)

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12/04/2023 5:55 PM  #2

Re: need a source of quality fuel injectors or experience with cheap ones

This is the seller I purchased 30# injectors.  I haven’t had a chance to use them yet.

They appear to be genuine Bosch injectors without the aftermarket price.

The numbers on the injectors are Bosch numbers and may cross reference to various makes and models.

I did check all injectors for resistance and momentary operation via jumper wires and verified that air could flow through when energized.

Seller could probably make up a special order/sale if you can’t find what you need.
I also chose this seller due to location…non salt belt region.
Items arrived quick and well packed too.


12/04/2023 9:34 PM  #3

Re: need a source of quality fuel injectors or experience with cheap ones

I've had great experience with my Injector Dynamics ID1700X's they come with a hefty price tag, but have been rock solid and a dream to tune(on gas and E85) since day 1.


12/05/2023 6:12 AM  #4

Re: need a source of quality fuel injectors or experience with cheap ones

My first question would be why you think you need 42 lb/hr injectors?  Those are really big.  I have a buddy making 550HP at the rear wheels with them.  Injectors should be sized to be at 90% duty cycle at max HP.  Going too big on injectors just makes the combination hard to tune, particularly the idle.  So my question would be, realistically how much power do you plan to make? 

Second, I would not trust prices too good to be true off eBay.  I've seen dozens of fake parts sold there.  Chinese manufactured, even so far as to put things in fake boxes.  Not saying what NOS681 suggested is that, just saying always be skeptical.  I recently found a set of head studs for a 6.0 Powerstroke that are noted by the ARP part number.  These are typically $500/set and were selling for $185.  I really hope no one buys them because a head gasket job on one of those trucks is a PITA and I wouldn't wager the kind of time and money involved on Chinese metallurgy. 

I ran Ford Racing injectors for decades with good results, but they are no longer selling the old style EV1 injectors.  I believe the last set I got were Accel.  There may be cost savings in running a more modern EV6 injector instead.  I know there are conversion parts to make that easy. 

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12/05/2023 6:46 AM  #5

Re: need a source of quality fuel injectors or experience with cheap ones

I have no experience with fuel injector purchases.  I’m always leery about any items that the price “seems too good to be true”, and been burned on some purchases.  I try to balance the impact of the part failing vs. the consequences of that failure to my person.  If a failure is going to greatly impact me (like getting stuck on the road, safety, etc.) than I go with paying the higher price … from a known manufacturer.  Just saying. 

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12/05/2023 7:43 AM  #6

Re: need a source of quality fuel injectors or experience with cheap ones

Day, you have a PM.

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