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2/27/2014 6:55 PM  #1

Feeling a little lost...

Last night I managed to erase the LAST item on the project board.

So my 67 cpe project is now officially "done"... or at least as done as these cars can get.


2/27/2014 7:05 PM  #2

Re: Feeling a little lost...

Great job! Nice looking car! Don't worry, a Mustang restoration/modification is never done.There will always be something you see that you will want to do to it to improve over what you have already done, but for now, drive it and enjoy it. I have found that going to shows and looking at what things others have done, or done differently, always gets me thinking.......


2/27/2014 7:18 PM  #3

Re: Feeling a little lost...

Congratulations! Now insure the hell out of it, Take ah bunch of Pics ,and drive the wheels off of it.....rinse and repeat

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2/27/2014 7:28 PM  #4

Re: Feeling a little lost...

Sure looks done, very nice.

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2/27/2014 8:30 PM  #5

Re: Feeling a little lost...

Turned out very nice.


2/27/2014 10:33 PM  #6

Re: Feeling a little lost...

Nice job, Is this the one your going to keep or sell it?

I need to drive down in my 65 and check it out!

Steve K

Yeah, I know, but...

2/27/2014 10:34 PM  #7

Re: Feeling a little lost...

Congratulations - can't wait for mine to get done.

Cheap, Fast, Good:  Pick Any Two

2/27/2014 10:48 PM  #8

Re: Feeling a little lost...

Great looking car.  Congratulations for goin' the distance.  Now you've got all spring and summer to shake it down for the trip to Vandalia in Sept.


I have found the true secret of life....keep waking up!

2/28/2014 10:21 AM  #9

Re: Feeling a little lost...

Very nice cgomate, car looks great. Between the Mustang and the MC you should be very busy this summer.

66 Vert.  4.6 DOHC, 4R70 Auto, Heidt's M2 frontend

2/28/2014 11:48 AM  #10

Re: Feeling a little lost...

Looks Great!  But what I found out with my Stang it seems like its never done...LOL.  Usually after driving it during the summer I find something I need to fix or modify durning the winter.



2/28/2014 1:41 PM  #11

Re: Feeling a little lost...

That is a good looking car.  Done?   Been working on completing mine for nearly 22 years now...
Hope to see you drive up in it at the BASH.

Money you enjoy wasting is NOT wasted money... unless your wife finds out.

2/28/2014 4:41 PM  #12

Re: Feeling a little lost...

Looks great!  Is that purple? or a grapey like color?  Can't tell.  Either way it looks great!  Congrats. 


2/28/2014 5:02 PM  #13

Re: Feeling a little lost...

Thanks everyone....

I had the car painted with Lincoln's "Smoked Quartz" and the side stripes & hood trim color is a pearl blue that matches one of the interior colors.

As far as keeping the car? (Steve K)... I'm sure I'll have it for a while... at least long enough to make it to one of the Bash events.


     Thread Starter

3/01/2014 10:04 AM  #14

Re: Feeling a little lost...

I can't wait to have that feeling of lost. Looks good!


3/01/2014 10:08 AM  #15

Re: Feeling a little lost... it is possible to get to the end of the to do list!!!
Great job!

Stupid Hurts!...66 coupe, 302, 4 wheel disks...lots of Mods

3/01/2014 9:21 PM  #16

Re: Feeling a little lost...

For me, getting to the end of the list was a function of just how long & detailed I made it.  And that actually changed a few times based on a fluctuating GEF (Good Enough Factor). 

Originally I agreed to build this car for a friend of a friend.  He wanted it as a graduation (college, not HS) gift for one of his kids.  So I had to create the list based on what was good enough for him & the kid.

After he decided NOT to give a classic car to his young graduate, we settled the finances and I became the owner. For several months after that, I worked the project based on what would be good enough to basically finish the car and just sell it.

Over time, I decided I wanted to keep the car.  So, once again the list evolved and the car was finished in a way that reflected what is good enough for me.

So now the project is done, but there's always something to mess with on these cars... which I consider a good thing.  I've got a fair amount of fine tuning to do on the engine.  There's a bunch of wind whistles to chase and eventually I might even take another crack at building a center console.

But for now, I'm gong to follow Derek's advice ... especially the rinse & repeat part.


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3/02/2014 7:53 PM  #17

Re: Feeling a little lost...

cgomate, I like your hood. Is that the fiberglass hood that Maier Racing sells? And, are you using the stock hood latch?

1966, vert, 351W, 5 speed, 4 wheel disc, 3.73 LS 9", ps, pb

3/02/2014 8:12 PM  #18

Re: Feeling a little lost...

Hopefully someday I'll have my car to that point sadly I don't see it it's not far but not close


3/02/2014 11:07 PM  #19

Re: Feeling a little lost...

KeithP wrote:

cgomate, I like your hood. Is that the fiberglass hood that Maier Racing sells? And, are you using the stock hood latch?

I got the hood from Champion Mustang.  It has the full steel back and the stock latch assembly bolts right in.

I even added some screens for the scoop openings.

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