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4/28/2014 4:10 PM  #1

Newbie with a '66 Falcon

Hello. My name is kinda obvious & I answer to "Tony". I'm a Ford man through & through, although i currently only own a '89 Mustang convertible(no classics at this time). I'm posting this for a friend; Chuck Freshwater whom own's the '66 Falcon in question. I'm the guy whom does all the wrenching on this car fr him since I love to work on Fords; especially any classics. I figured I'd tell the whole story since I think it may be interesting... If your bored; skip to the end for the pictures.... ;)

I met Chuck in San Bernardion around 1999 \ 2000. I didn't know Chuck from apple butter; but I needed a partner in a double's dart match at the local watering hole. He invited me onto his foyer, the door to his garage was barely cracked open, & I noticed the Falcon. I asked him about it & mentioned that it didn't run & needed allot of work. i told him I know quite a bit about early Fords & I could help him out as time allows. We've been friends ever since.....
 From 2000 to 2004, I did some of work to it. I converted the front end to Granada V8 brakes, built an '86 5.0 H.O. motor for it(got rid of the tired 6 banger of course), coverted it to electronic ignition, swapped in a C4, etcetera. In 2004, he got a divorce, sold the house, & moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. He drove it for a couple years; back & forth to & from California. Then he put it in a barn for the next 7-8 years. Advancing to the year 2013; I fall on hard times & decide to move to Salt Lake City. Deja 'vue strikes.... Chuck wants to get the car back on the road. So far in the last 6 months: rebuilt the Holley carb, replumbed or replaced the fuel system, had the C4 built( I could have done it if I had the facilities; unfortunately iI currently do not), converted it to 3G 140 amp alternator, & installed new headlight housing for modern halogen bulbs. Currently, I'm working on the steering problems(bad trammeling at highway speeds),  looking to convert it to an AOD or T5 manual soon, & possibly get it painted by the end of the year.....

One last thing: If there are any other early Falcon owners up here in Salt Lake; I'd love to hear from you! Thank you for looking.

Firing up the engine for the first time in 7-8 years.....

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4/28/2014 4:15 PM  #2

Re: Newbie with a '66 Falcon

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5/10/2014 1:02 PM  #3

Re: Newbie with a '66 Falcon

Very nice Falcon Anthony! She looks to be in great shape.


5/21/2014 12:35 AM  #4

Re: Newbie with a '66 Falcon

it's looking good now! those baby moons sure take me back about 35 years!


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