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10/23/2016 4:50 PM  #1

what/how to repair drip rail on 66 coupe

I am starting body work on 66  Coupe and have questions about roof drip rail. The original body filler/sealer was cracked and surface rust on top/inside of drip rail. I removed filler/sealer and rust. What product do I use to surface finish top of drip rail. I tried Seam Sealer but do not like the results. May need to use longer working time on sealer. Or should I use body filler? Nothing at all? Any suggestions?


10/23/2016 8:57 PM  #2

Re: what/how to repair drip rail on 66 coupe

After cleaning/stripping everything out of drip rail channel to bare metal, I would spray the channel with Epoxy primer then come back an fill in with 3m seam sealer firm.  I know, it's very expensive and there's other cheaper brands, but I have come to realization that, it has to be 3m.  Others just don't work as good.
After the seam sealer then you can prime w/ 2k primer filler.


10/24/2016 7:19 PM  #3

Re: what/how to repair drip rail on 66 coupe

Thanks for response. I used seam sealer from a cartrige. SEM Beige from Eastwood. I think I put it on to thick and the work time for product was very short. 5 minutes I think. It does not look good.
Is there a better technique like brush on or should I use cartridge type. I think I can use Acetone or something along those lines to help with smoothing/spreading out product.

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10/25/2016 7:14 PM  #4

Re: what/how to repair drip rail on 66 coupe

I tried the Eastwood brand and I thought it was worse than the off brand at the auto paint store.  I don't recall the name of the off brand, but it was a silver tube with green lettering.  Again, I have to say there is No substitute for 3M, #8505.  Sorry, I know it's $30 a tube.


10/26/2016 5:24 AM  #5

Re: what/how to repair drip rail on 66 coupe

Thanks for part#  of 3M sealer
I quests my main question now is technique for applying sealer. Use cartridge type and smooth with finger or tool?
Use brush
Body work is not my skill , just want to do most of the work my self   You know therapy. Car body is in good shape overall for it's age. Had floor pan replaced. The rest I am trying to do
Thanks for your time and expertise

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10/28/2016 7:20 PM  #6

Re: what/how to repair drip rail on 66 coupe

I would run a line of masking tape about 1/4 inch away from area you want to seal, then apply even bead all the way thru area you need.  Upon laying it down come back w/ your finger an run it all the way thru the area you sealed in one pass if you can.  This will show a continuous spread and looks clean.  Try to press tighter near the tape line so when you peel the tape it doesn't show a hard line.  Try to practice a little on something til you get a feel for it.  Also try to find as many areas toy want to seal as you can so, you can do them all at the same time.  Such as, door, trunk, jambs or engine bay seams.


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