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11/20/2018 1:58 AM  #1

65 Mustang money pit

Thought I'd put some pics and somewhere I can update you guys to show you how much I hate money.
Bought this 5 years ago, and after driving it for close to a year deciding to pull it apart and rebuild it due to fixing too many little things from owners gone past. The body wasn't too bad and had been restored in the past, with an ok but not great paint job. As this was always a driver, I left the body as is and focused on everything else. Only thing we had to fix was a bit of rust under the car and the rusty cowl.

It has gone through a few different stages over the last couple of years as, like I said, I hate money and I love tinkering. Nothing has been left untouched, and the current abbreviated combo is something like this.

Motor - 302, TFS 170 heads, Hooker long tubes, xe264 cam, TFS Box R intake, Novi 2000 running 15psi, Full sequential crank trigger setup with LS coils run by a Haltech Ecu, Water/Meth Injection, 2.5" magnaflow exhaust

DriveTrain - T5, Hydraulic underdash clutch pedal, built 8" rear with tru track / 3.55 strange gears,

Suspension/Steering- Opentracker roller front setup, Unisteer R&P, custom leafs with Del a Lum bushes

Brakes/Wheels - 14" Brembo front, MS 05-14 rear setup, MS full brake pedal assembly, 18/20x8.5 Simmons wheels

Plus everything else....modern seats, power windows, central locking, reverse camera, 3 point seatbelts, full bluetooth sound system etc etc



11/20/2018 2:03 AM  #2

Re: 65 Mustang money pit

Next stage for the car is building a dart block and replacing the T5. I would also like to do a single turbo setup in the near future, but keep it all neat and retain AC/PS etc etc as it's a street car.

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11/20/2018 1:12 PM  #3

Re: 65 Mustang money pit

Love it, congratulations on an awesome car!

How do you like the Haltech? I am running the same setup (full seq, coil near plug, etc) on a 427, but with Megasquirt


11/21/2018 4:28 AM  #4

Re: 65 Mustang money pit

Thanks Raymond. So far it has been great. Very easy to install and very easy to work with. I was going to go a megasquirt initially, but ended up getting a great deal on a Haltech so went that way. I did like the integrated fuse/relay box and the CAN o2 sensor boxes it runs, but most importantly was the fact that so many shops were very comfortable tuning Haltechs.

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11/21/2018 5:14 PM  #5

Re: 65 Mustang money pit

It looks better every time I see it.
Are they ute seats?

"Those telephone poles were like a picket fence"

11/22/2018 4:40 AM  #6

Re: 65 Mustang money pit

Thanks mate. Yeah, bf or fg seats, not sure which as I got them from a wreckers.

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11/22/2018 7:12 PM  #7

Re: 65 Mustang money pit

Very nice!

65 mustang coupe, 351W, C6-  2800 stall, B&M blower, 9inch- trac-loc 3.70 gears

11/23/2018 11:47 AM  #8

Re: 65 Mustang money pit

nice ! go out and enjoy it 

65 coupe, 351w, c4, power disk brakes, power r&p, vintage air.  And 64.5 convertible, 289, c4

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