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1/26/2019 12:01 PM  #1

How to get a Holley Carb fast idle choke to work better

One problem I always had with Holley electric chokes, in the mild climate where I live, was the choke would not come off the fast idle cam quick enough. When I would adjust the choke blade position to just barely choke the car at 70 degree temperatures, the fast idle would not work well.  Sometimes, the fast idle cam would stay engaged on cold days for longer than I wanted it on.  It might idle normally for a while, then go to partial fast idle, then back, etc...

Of course, I still want to be able to use the electric choke and to have a fast idle, but only for long enough to get the car started and where it would idle on its own.

The solution is to modify the fast idle cam.  You can see, in the top picture, there are four steps on the cam.  This is so the idle will come down gradually as the choke warms up.  That was always a problem.  I prefer it to idle fast for a short time, then have the fast idle function go away and stay away.  I simply filed off the extra steps on the fast idle cam.  There is one step for fast idle for when the car first starts cold.  After about ten seconds, the engine is running fine on fast idle, then one blip of the throttle  gets it completely off the idle cam and down to the normal curb idle speed.  This is a simple, no cost fix to a bothersome problem.

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