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9/07/2017 6:31 PM  #1

Fuel Filter?

I have an Edelbrock in-line fuel filter (the silver bullet thing) next to my CFM 600 carb (slightly warmed up 302) in my '67 Coupe. It has been running great but today when I started it up it ran rough and I had to work at it to keep it running. I think I may have some bad gas - seems to be a bit of that going around in Texas these days. I will clean the carb next week but thought maybe I should also get a new filter. How long do you chaps keep a filter before changing it? This one costs about $30 and I have had it for about 3 or 4 years although I don't drive the car much - maybe 1500 miles a year max. Thanks for any advice. 


9/07/2017 7:05 PM  #2

Re: Fuel Filter?

Typical service life on a fuel filter for a gas engine is 20-30k miles.  Unless its showing signs of being partially clogged I'd just rock on. 


9/07/2017 7:51 PM  #3

Re: Fuel Filter?

Most of the $30+ fuel filters (including Edelbrock) have replaceable elements IIRC. You can probably open it to do a visual inspection and replace if required.

'66 GT Fastback, 302, Edelbrock top end, 670 Street Avenger, MSD, JBA Headers & Exhaust, T-5Z, Currie 3.55 Trac-Loc

9/07/2017 8:38 PM  #4

Re: Fuel Filter?

Good point. It has been a few years and I must have had a "senior moment". We'll be away for the weekend but I'll pull it out next week and have a look. I really think that when the gas "crisis" hit here a week or so ago I sucked some garbage up from the bottom the tank at the local Shell station. 

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9/07/2017 9:47 PM  #5

Re: Fuel Filter?

It happens, Although I don't run an Edelbrock filter, I have a similar Summit filter that I mounted to make checking it very easy.

'66 GT Fastback, 302, Edelbrock top end, 670 Street Avenger, MSD, JBA Headers & Exhaust, T-5Z, Currie 3.55 Trac-Loc

9/08/2017 6:40 PM  #6

Re: Fuel Filter?

I was wondering about that bad gas thing just the other day.  With all the gas stations having their tanks sucked dry, it only makes sense that some ethanol high concentrations or water levels were left at the bottom.  The last guy that fills up out of that tank gets the heavier-than-gas crap left at the bottom.

On the last trip to Colorado, I got bad gas in Tucumcari.  The car barely ran after that.  My rear main seal started leaking pretty bad.  When I put fresh oil in it, the rear main seal stopped leaking, but shortly thereafter, that lifter got stuck hard in the block.  Makes me wonder if all that choking and puking and sputtering with that bad gas fill up caused the oil to get diluted with fuel, CAUSING the rear main seal leak AND the lifter problem.

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9/10/2017 5:46 AM  #7

Re: Fuel Filter?

Yeah, the ethanol stratifies after sitting for a while, so the junk at the bottom is mostly ethanol and water.  Big companies around here that don't want the problems associated with ethanol let their fuel stand for a month and moved the pickup point in the tank up to about 3/4 of the way down from the top.  The ethanol stratifies out and what they end up with is basically pure gasoline.  When the tank needs to be filled they drain the junk out of the bottom of the tank until clean fuel starts coming out, then send it to the recycler. 


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