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1/24/2018 9:41 PM  #26

Re: my fastback 66 starting resto

Alessandro, that's one fine looking car.  Great job!

Owner of MustangSteve - 1967 Mustang Coupe 302

2/26/2018 12:13 PM  #27

Re: my fastback 66 starting resto

Hi All , Finally it's time to ride and have some feedback from the new born little pony !
i refurbished the old carburator before make some miles because holley gime me some issue .
The old works so in these days i am burning a lot of gas , trying brakes , suspension , engine and all the rear axle .( there was a long story and post ).
So the engine runs good and is noticeable that some horse has gain , also if still have some carb issue, runs fine when is warm .( yeah maybe 3 / 5 hp )
Brake disc / drum  only manual master cyl , I think all new parts needs some brake in  to be perfect ,
is going better every times , but still a long brake time . Need to push hard to block rear . Car goes straight on hard brake . 
The new front suspension and skocks works great without arning drop . the feelings is really what i was looking , firm without any sacrifice from comfort daily , Maybe also some more pounds in the springs was accettable. Mine now are 520.
The good front end  make easy to put the accents on rear . Is winding a lot but with old leaf springs i cant do any better . Shocks in rear are little soft for my will but for now its ok ,
The rear axle and t 5 trans are the most surprise of all because it was a shot in the dark .
the 5 speed is good but the rear gear ratio is not the best for my driving . too short  ,3.89
i need a longer settings to make the 5 th gear usable on highway .  
First gear is more or less serve to nothing because already need second and third .
from stoplight i can easy start from  3 gear using a little the clutch .Maybe next winter i will go for 3.55 or less.
The shifter that comes with the trans is not so good ,,, is soft and i would like that stay more still .
The hurst lever that i choose is too much on the left side so first and second gear and legs always hit..
The limited slip diff is working great , despite of all troubles pass , it offers a great grip , no whistle no problem for now .
The ac kit from vintage air is working good but now i am using hot air , the flow is enough but noisy at full.
The belt are squeaking at starts , by now i dont know which . For sure this v belt will give me some issue in future . 
I need to solve the valve cover breather problems that smell a lot .
Maybe i have some leaks or filter carb/ odor  or vacum inside the car , is noticeable .
It's incredible ... my car is finish . I cant believe now it's time to live this car reborn in 2018 
Without fyi board mustang steve  and all special people meets here this beauty flys again !
i would like to mercy all one by one  because i have learn something from each . 
There is always something to fix ... so this is not a goodbye !
Now there is a crazy stang around italy  He he he he !!!!
Alex !!! italy 
No picture until last touch at paint shop !   
ciao !

     Thread Starter

3/07/2018 9:33 AM  #28

Re: my fastback 66 starting resto

It sounds like you are very happy with the car! Driving and working out the details is the most fun part of restoring/ modifying these old cars. I've got a 66 coupe 289 T5. I have a 3:55 rear gear in it and I love it. I put and Edelbrock 600 carb on it and it was perfect fight out of the box. I'm sure you're car is a stand out in Italy. Have fun and keep us posted on any changes you might make.

"anyone that stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty"Henry Ford

2/09/2019 3:12 AM  #29

Re: my fastback 66 starting resto
This was my winterjob : hood scoop from junkyard find .  , early i do the rims !
now i think is really a nice gentlemen car !

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2/09/2019 10:00 PM  #30

Re: my fastback 66 starting resto

Molto bene. 


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