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11/03/2023 1:50 PM  #1

1967 XR7 project journal

I think I’m in the right spot to start this post, anyways here goes .

My Dad (Josh Kebob) and I have been tinkering with this here and there since we drug it home from my college town in 2006 . Many of you know he’s no longer with us so it’s up to me to finish it off .

It’s a 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7 came with a 302 and 289 heads I believe . Will have to run out there and double check soon . 3 speed manual transmission which I still have too .

I’ll get some pictures posted soon but for now a brief description :

The car was running and driving in 2005

Engine and heads were sent to different shops and rebuilt, and are currently powering my shelf .

Chockostang has rebuilt my steering. Steering box is installed but the rest of the steering has not been .

New leaf springs were installed a few years ago. Front suspension is from Scott drake and currently in boxes on the shelf .

I think I have everything for a Granada front disc brake swap . Will have to confirm .

After trailering it home( a lot of “fun” getting a cougar with no steering onto a trailer in the Alabama heat this summer) I brought it down the road to have a couple pieces of the frame welded and patched up since the engine was out and they were easily accessible .

I’ve never restored a car or anything else For that matter before . I’ve got quite a bit of my dads tools now as well as some of the mustang manuals . I think I can do This but one piece at a time over a long period of time .

I guess I’m looking for y’all’s opinion on where to start ? Before I put the steering back in do i replace the front suspension . Does the order even matter of steering before suspensions or suspension before steering ?

Is there anything to do to the engine bay or the wheel wells before I put parts in ?

Also thinking about doing a Shelby drop .

Thanks In advance

I’ll get some pictures posted soon . Any specific pictures needed ?

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11/04/2023 2:04 PM  #2

Re: 1967 XR7 project journal

It is a 302 block with 289 heads

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11/04/2023 2:41 PM  #3

Re: 1967 XR7 project journal

That’s tough to say where to start.   Starting a simple thing can turn into a full blown restoration.   If it’s a clean car and or you’re going to make it a nice daily driver then get the suspension and brakes working then get the motor up and running.


11/05/2023 1:28 PM  #4

Re: 1967 XR7 project journal

Clean up the engine compartment and paint it with spray cans VHT  Roll Bar satin Black. Do the shelby drop. Install steering box and front suspension and steering and brakes. Then you can install the engine.
Be sure you have new rear axle bearings and front bearings before driving.

Money you enjoy wasting is NOT wasted money... unless your wife finds out.

11/05/2023 1:36 PM  #5

Re: 1967 XR7 project journal

When you have questions on the Cougar, post them on the tech discussion forum so we are more likely to see it.  We will all be glad to help out in any way we can.

Money you enjoy wasting is NOT wasted money... unless your wife finds out.

11/06/2023 3:46 PM  #6

Re: 1967 XR7 project journal

Sounds like a plan, I’ll get a post started over there

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