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4/11/2014 9:07 PM  #1

Always changing 65 fastback

Tinkered with various Mustangs before this one, all the way back to High School when I had a 65 Coupe.  I bought this fastback in 1999 in Seguin, Tx and it seems like every year has been a project.  A factory T code, it's was partially modded (note 4 lug front/5 lug back).  this was the car when I brought it home in Aug99.

Over the years, lots of mods - new suspension, steering, 4 wheel disc brakes, interior, different wheels/tires, blah blah blah...until I got to this look below that I liked and stayed with for several years.  Car shown below has shelby drop, 620 coils, KYBs, 215/55-16s on 16x7 rims.  This was at a Warbirds car show in Lancaster with Steve, Tim, et, al.

Replaced first motor with this one 302.  Ran fine but I could never get the 600 holley to work right and it always reaked of gas. Starting to hide the wiring here. Note the cable clutch - a prototype built in MustangSteve's Carrolton garage. Worked great, I just couldn't keep the cable out of the headers.

Ended up with this paint scheme about 5 years ago.  Gets a lot of attention at open shows, lots of snubs tho from Mustangers.  Chicks dig it tho.

More mods followed.  i've really enjoyed the EFI swap and the tinkering to clean up the engine bay with minimal wiring, custom cold air, braces, etc...  General configuration of car today is 92 EFI 5.0, T-5 trans with 3.55 - 8" rear.  Granada Front/Ultrastang back disc brakes.  Custom wiring, custom braces, custom hydraulic clutch, custom gages, relocated battery, subframes, procar elites, different MC, different alternator, ...blah blah.  

You can read the whole story here:

Driving through Beautiful Central Texas.....

Let's throw in a few more odds and ends -  View from the bottom - (dirty differential)

4 wheel disc MC and custom hydraulic clutch MC

Explaining Dukes of Hazzard trajectory....

Fresh air to MAF

Waxahachie Car Show with Steve and the Gang

Inside - with dirty carpet. Autometer Gages, yes, a cut dash with DIN radio, T5 w/Hurst Shifter, ProCar Elite buckets

Great Annual Mustang Show in Austin (MOCA)

Hooter's show

140A Alt Addition

Trunk Battery/Solenoid wiring

Current Home


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4/14/2014 3:39 PM  #2

Re: Always changing 65 fastback

I've always liked that color combo. Its timeless.
Beautiful car. Thanks for sharing...


4/15/2014 8:23 PM  #3

Re: Always changing 65 fastback

Looking good! Your car was my inspiration for going EFI

1965 Mustang 2+2 EFI

4/28/2014 4:33 PM  #4

Re: Always changing 65 fastback

Love the car! One thought: Has the sharp elbow of the fabbed air intake caused you any issues with the idle?


4/28/2014 5:33 PM  #5

Re: Always changing 65 fastback

anthonydalrymple wrote:

Love the car! One thought: Has the sharp elbow of the fabbed air intake caused you any issues with the idle?

none that i can tell.  in fact the only real issue I've had is with too much air being ingested.  The air box is open to the front grill, and I had to place a partial restrictor over it to deflect the flow.  On initial test drives, the forced air would cause the motor to misfire at over 50 mph.  Once restricted, it worked fine.

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4/29/2014 7:28 AM  #6

Re: Always changing 65 fastback

Thanks for the reply & yes; the turbulent air would create an issue. Us'n foxbody mustang owner's run into "fan wash" issues when we install powerful mark 8 electric fans & have an open conical air filter nearby.... ;)


6/30/2014 10:16 AM  #7

Re: Always changing 65 fastback

Nice clean looking car.
The picture of the disc-disc MC installed is very helpfull, just ordered the exact same with the engine side brakelines.



6/30/2014 6:14 PM  #8

Re: Always changing 65 fastback

Love the way the car looks. Very clean and good craftsmanship. I wouldn't change a thing.


6/30/2014 9:11 PM  #9

Re: Always changing 65 fastback

thanks.  How about a few more pics then...

Driving through the northern edge of the Hill Country

EFI Harness wiring after all extraneous wire was removed.

Low/High Pressure fuel pump setup

Underneath the airbox (old battery location) at core support - Fan, Horn, and secondary starter relay

Gratuitous homebuilt workbench photo -

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11/24/2014 9:12 PM  #10

Re: Always changing 65 fastback

I never tire of looking at your car . Most of the things I have done to my 66 came from your web site. Thanks for the inspiration.

"anyone that stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty"Henry Ford

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