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9/20/2017 8:27 PM  #1

"How to"- Duraspark Ignition

Below is a parts list I had gathered for putting a Duraspark Ignition setup on your car. Although there are different alternatives like using an MSD setup, this is a very cost effective setup that works just as well.

For installation reference, check out MustangSteve's diagram:

Duraspark ignition kit parts list: 

Module/distributor plugs: 

Module plug: 

Distributor for !roller cam engines! 5.0-Steel gear: 

With cast iron gear: 

Duraspark Module (Blue one):


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10/15/2017 9:47 PM  #2

Re: "How to"- Duraspark Ignition

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3/13/2018 11:01 PM  #3

Re: "How to"- Duraspark Ignition

I have installed the duraspark on my 69,  most of the how to's i have seen have been on 65-66 cars, haven't seen any on installing on 69's.  is there any difference? my wire colors on the car don't seem to match up with the schematic i found on this site and all my wires appear to be original.  I have done about everything on old mustangs, but any wiring i hate, when it comes to anything other than plug in and go.


3/14/2018 1:19 PM  #4

Re: "How to"- Duraspark Ignition

The wires may be different.  I do not have a schematic to look at right now, but you can google it.  On my 70, I mounted the Duraspark module on the lower brace for the battery tray.  The wires you need run along the driver inner fender next to the headlight harness.  Just test them to find the HOT DURING RUN. and the HOT DURING START wires.

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3/18/2018 9:30 PM  #5

Re: "How to"- Duraspark Ignition

yeah, after i wasn't so sure about your schematic being correct for 69-70, i did Google it. but nothing i found was clear as being 69/70. got any ideas of specific ones i need to look at.


3/26/2018 7:42 AM  #6

Re: "How to"- Duraspark Ignition

I recently finished installing a Duraspark in my 70. I bought a Painless pre made wiring harness and compared Steves schematic with the Painless. They are both the same but the connections are in different places. The brown wire was extra. I didn't want to cut out the original and replace it going back to the same place.


9/20/2018 7:04 PM  #7

Re: "How to"- Duraspark Ignition

I’ve been doing a little reading on Durasparks. As mentioned the blue module which refers to the color of the wire retainer in back. There is also a red module. The red module is a sophisticated version of the Duraspark that was designed for CA emissions to fire lean fuel mixtures the regular Duraspark couldn’t. It uses a full 12 volt coil and the module continually varies the dwell to keep the coil saturated all the time. Plugs are gapped at .060”.

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