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10/31/2023 10:23 PM  #1

Orange Pumpkin

Gave out 20 lbs of candy and still ran out of candy Lol I just realized I did not wash the Coupe since the bash. Pray all is well


10/31/2023 10:28 PM  #2

Re: Orange Pumpkin

Had upwards of 200 tonight.  Went through three bags of Costco candy. Where did all these kids come from? Our neighborhood doesn't have that many kids in it.....guess they bus them in....

68 coupe - 351W, 4R70W, 9" 3.25 -- 65 convertible - 289 4v, C4, 8" 3.00

10/31/2023 11:24 PM  #3

Re: Orange Pumpkin

Looks like beautiful weather.


11/01/2023 7:17 AM  #4

Re: Orange Pumpkin

Drove the Heap to the local "Trunk & Treat".  handed out four bags of goodies and came home.  Mrs, BB1 said we had the two little girls who live behind more.  I think we had five last year.  Maybe all our kids moved to Katy and Mukilteo.

"you get what you pay for, good work isn't cheap, and there are NO free lunches...PERIOD!"

11/01/2023 7:24 AM  #5

Re: Orange Pumpkin

We had 11 kids . . . . now I have to eat all those chocolate bars.🤪

Good work ain't cheap, Cheap work ain't good!   Simple Man

11/01/2023 8:33 AM  #6

Re: Orange Pumpkin

My son and his family live a few blocks away, their neighborhood is inundated with young, and older kids, most are driven to the area.  At our house, just a few.

65 Fastback, 351W, 5-speed, 4 wheel discs, 9" rear,  R&C Front End.

11/01/2023 9:25 AM  #7

Re: Orange Pumpkin



11/01/2023 10:49 AM  #8

Re: Orange Pumpkin

Last year I had 7 kids show up. This year not a one. Kept hoping to give away at least some of the candy butt the whole evening was dead quiet out side.

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11/01/2023 12:48 PM  #9

Re: Orange Pumpkin

I didn't buy any candy this year as I haven't had any tricksters show up the last three years. Went over to Molly's sister's house for a feast and passed out fresh popcorn 🍿, which was a big hit.

Bob. 69 Mach 1, 393W, SMOD Toploader, Armstrong  steering, factory AC.

11/01/2023 3:35 PM  #10

Re: Orange Pumpkin

Quicksilver wrote:

Last year I had 7 kids show up. This year not a one. Kept hoping to give away at least some of the candy       " butt"       the whole evening was dead quiet out side.


I NOTICED !!!! Good got it ......

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