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1/26/2016 6:30 PM  #1

Eastwood seam sealer?

Anybody use the brush on eastwood sealer?  I ordered 2 tubes of eastwood and I thought it was awful!
Just not sure if the brush on is any better.


1/26/2016 8:47 PM  #2

Re: Eastwood seam sealer?

Do you have a local LKQ keystone Autmotive refinishing supply shop? They have great products, most their stuff is rebadged USC ppg and other good brands. I would check their for some sean sealer.

One problem you could be having is the application temp though. How warm was it when applied? The surface temp will make this differ as well.


1/27/2016 11:53 AM  #3

Re: Eastwood seam sealer?

 I would not use the Eastwood especially when you were not happy with their tube sealer. I used 2 types. A brushable 3m seam sealer and Lord Fusor in a tube, both worked okay. I have not been impressed with any Eastwood products.


1/27/2016 8:37 PM  #4

Re: Eastwood seam sealer?

I used Lord Fusor 803 in a calking gun and followed up w/ an acid brush to spread it around.  It dried firm but flexible and took paint well.  Very happy w/ it.

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1/28/2016 12:28 AM  #5

Re: Eastwood seam sealer?

Biggest problem when using products such as that, they need proper application and surface temps.

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2/01/2016 10:53 AM  #6

Re: Eastwood seam sealer?

The day I applied the eastwood sealer was not cold.  Not sure of temp, but I would say it was above 74dg.  Dont think it was quite over 80.  Not sure if we have LKQ paint supply stores.  I've used a knock off brand in a silver tube, I think w/ green lettering,  it was ok but not great.  They just opened a Sherman Williams store around corner, so I will check to see if they have Lord Fusor?

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2/01/2016 11:06 AM  #7

Re: Eastwood seam sealer?

Fusor  sem 3m keystone several are good just make sure to check the tube for expiration date! And make sure that the temperate is very close to what the tube wants your to apply it. It's the same this with polyester body filler windsheild urethane etc many items if you don't have the correct temp and high humidity it's gonna change the consistency when you Applicate the sealer. You may like the catalyiszed seam sealers that are out there.
A good investment is a non contact temp gun.  Just make sure when you use it it's on the part where you Applicate the sealer. Bare steel and painted primed or what ever will change the temp reading.  Example steel usually gets straw color around 500 degrees. If you were to use the gun on the black painted part of that fender right next to where your heating it up it said 595*.


2/01/2016 11:08 AM  #8


2/04/2016 8:42 AM  #9

Re: Eastwood seam sealer?

I used the Eastwood Paintable seam sealer several years ago and it still looks like the factory applied stuff. Just remember, like all other bodywork, the next step will not fix a poorly done previous step.


2/04/2016 8:56 PM  #10

Re: Eastwood seam sealer?

Looks like we do have a LKQ in Houston.  I'll go check them out.  Thanks

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2/05/2016 8:22 AM  #11

Re: Eastwood seam sealer?

Good Plan just call them up make sure they sell paint and supplies as keystone has a big chain of used and repop body panels and parts.  So Id call and ask to make sure they are a paint destributor. Their epoxy I haven't used yet I've hurd it's. Nice but it could be some omni relabeled as keystone sells ppg and omni is their lower line. If you need your epoxy primer and your 2k primer I would either get the keystone 3 in 1 primer or try the SPI line.  They have great prices and superior products. I'm going to be trying their Universal Clear Coat. My instructor at at the college is really interested in trying it out as well.  He's been a custom painter for 40 plus years. So he's tried a few clears in his time.  The universal has the reputation that once you try it you won't use another clear ever.


2/14/2016 9:14 AM  #12

Re: Eastwood seam sealer?

I used the eastwood brush on seam sealer, worked for me

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2/14/2016 10:02 PM  #13

Re: Eastwood seam sealer?

Im pretty interested in using the SPI line of primers and clears.  I just used the UPOL brand and that 2kprimer although priced well, it is tough to sand down.  I mainly bought in interest of time.  I usually get Rubberseal, but sales guy not coming around anymore.  I think they're going mail order delivery now.

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2/15/2016 3:09 AM  #14

Re: Eastwood seam sealer?

I'd deffinetly would suggest the SPi products awesome stuff.  So did you do an epoxy base first?


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