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2/20/2017 6:54 PM  #1

,1965 interior white paint vs 1969

I had my interior painted and when I installed the newly upholstered seats and door panels, they did not match the painted parts..The seats were more of a light cream , definitely the.correct color but, the dash,
doors around windows and rear qtr. pnls.were a bright white..Well, ,the guy who painted the interior used white 1969 to 1973, "Accumatch " brand instead of 1965....I have no recourse !!! Long story for this venue..
Seems too late now, except to try to at least dye the side panels only, the1965 color...OR maybe there's isn't that much difference to make a big deal about....Any feedback will be appreciated....


2/20/2017 7:32 PM  #2

Re: ,1965 interior white paint vs 1969 this is a list of some 1965 mustang interior colors. 1969 colors

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2/20/2017 8:00 PM  #3

Re: ,1965 interior white paint vs 1969

Well , the top one looks like the upholstery...The second , I don't know how I can compare.
Can't reach anyone that knows about Accumatch but either way, I don't know if there is a FACTORY
difference in the colors of a 1965 or 69...Must be !!!! if they have two different
Can't rip the whole shabang out and start all over unless I have death wish..Thanhks for the info...

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2/20/2017 8:35 PM  #4

Re: ,1965 interior white paint vs 1969

Well...I went back to see if I missed something by looking too fast...I didn't scroll down far enough...
The white that they show is Whimbledon White, which is not anywhere near the 69 bright white I
have.....Very confusing. If I knew better then , I should have taken a piece of the upholstery
and had a paint shop match them both.....

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2/20/2017 9:36 PM  #5

Re: ,1965 interior white paint vs 1969

Some match systems are way far off, and some are alright. Then on top of that they have had to match the classic color in the new formulas since the toners have changed. For an example I've seen about 10 variations of the famous mid 1965 Candy Apple Red. It also depends on gun psi tip size distance and if he primed the parts first as well as the color primer he used. Painting is a crap shoot. I had some Wimbledon white mixed up at my old shop I worked at. That paint was an exact match to the original sample index. I  couldn't bring a part in from the 1965 f100 I was working on for a guy. I did a spray out card to test the paint  before I sprayed the dash.  The paint was darker more of a slight cream hugh it  didn't have enough blue. Well that being said I did what's called a k blend. You couldn't even tell when I started of stopped. After looking at the color library cards I'm thinking that maybe the wrong paint color was mixed up.  Another option is the paint could have been a low solid paint that was used. A low solid paint will be a PITA to match a color in. Sorry anyways if it was me I'd look at a local paint Store for a product called SEM color coat it looks awesome. They have tons of OEM colors premixed in spray cans. That paint is also really nice to touch up. Forgot to ask did the painter clear the dash or was the paint a single stage?


2/20/2017 10:39 PM  #6

Re: ,1965 interior white paint vs 1969

If you'd like I could go to my local paint shop for you and have Curtis mix up some spray cans of the correct color for you. That or check and see if you can get a can of Sem locally. That paint cures super quick, the cool thing about it is it doesnt become brittle like other paints. To prep You'd just need to pull the rear seat out, then remove the side panels to paint them. The door panels pop out very quickly. All that leaves is the dash. If it's not clear coated you have it easy.  If it is you'd need to get a grey 3m scuff pad Or a green light scuff pad from Lowes.  Then wash the surface and paint it. If you have an air brush you could just do a blend on the panels. With a good blend you could make those painted areas that are wrong look just how you want them to. That or just deal with them as is. How about a picture of the car to really see how far off the paint really is.


2/20/2017 10:52 PM  #7

Re: ,1965 interior white paint vs 1969

True 74....Well that sure is nice of you. I do appreciate your interest and offer.....I'll try to live with it
as I finish the rest of the car.....I will revisit the problem again when I don't have as many more important things on the car's adjenda..Phil

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2/21/2017 11:28 PM  #8

Re: ,1965 interior white paint vs 1969

No worries let me know if you decide to change the color. If memory serves me correctly the price for a custom matched spray paint is about 18 a can. It does go pretty far. Two cans would easily do the interior, plus give you some extra for touch up.


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