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3/17/2017 6:18 PM  #1

Good body shop in the DFW area?

I've got a 66 fastback that needs full paint and some (hopefully) minor body work.  Its in line to be painted by a shop right now, but I've been waiting 4 months already, and they still haven't started.  They're saying 4-6 months once they DO start, and I really don't want to wait that long.  

I know its hard to find a good shop thats not a production shop willing to do a full paint job on a vintage car.  Anyone recommendations would be greatly appreciated!  I do not want to go with one of the super high end shops that charges $30,000.   I've gotten two estimates from independent guys - one for about $8000, the other says $10-$12,000, so I'd like to stay under that.  


3/19/2017 1:03 AM  #2

Re: Good body shop in the DFW area?

Really body work isn't hard. Is the body rusty and in need for repair? If not there's some good info online on how to allign the panels uo nicely. After that if the body's in good shape and no big flaws your really close. I could help give some pointers on getting her ready.


3/19/2017 9:19 AM  #3

Re: Good body shop in the DFW area?

This guy was referred to me by Mark Baker.  His name is Marshall.  He is in Plano.  His phone number is 214-878-4718.  I had some touch-up done and looked at several cars in the shop, Porsches, Maseratis, all high end stuff.  I have no idea what he would charge for full resto and paint;but, it doesn't hurt to ask.

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3/24/2017 10:14 PM  #4

Re: Good body shop in the DFW area?

Thanks, I'll check him out.  As far as doing it myself, that's not even an option for a lot of reasons, mainly lack of skill and time!

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4/01/2017 6:48 AM  #5

Re: Good body shop in the DFW area?

I haven't had body work done but I know the hassle I went through finding a transmission shop.  The thing you got to realize is that most shops make their money on insurance claims and routine work. Insurance claims are close to a blank check with everything predetermined and no fear of not getting paid.  With these old cars it's tough to plan for the unexpected.  That's why they always give you these ridiculous estimates.  Even then, don't be surprised if they subcontract out the work.  My only advice would be that the second you feel like you are getting jerked around by a shop to pull your car.  I went through that "we're working on it" crap for 2 weeks with a transmission shop only to go get the car and see that it was never moved from the place I left it.  You're on the right path asking around.  Also, make sure and ask anyone that gives you a referral if they have any business dealings or kick back arrangements.  I've gotten "referrals" to one shop from another shop just to discover they were owned by the same guy!  Good luck man.


4/03/2017 11:54 PM  #6

Re: Good body shop in the DFW area?

Do you by chance have any local hot rod shops? You could always take it to small local shop like that. I have several well known places like that here in salt lake city. As well as kindig it design
If you want a high dollar job.

Dave kindig is actually a pretty cool guy. I go to Salt Lake Community College. My painting auto collision instructors are really well known. Hondo John Espil and Neal Grover they both know Kin Dig and many other well known shop owners. I've had pleasure of meeting Dave. He talks one on one with you. And if another guy comes up to talk to him Dave, He lets them know he's busy talking to someone else.


4/07/2017 9:17 PM  #7

Re: Good body shop in the DFW area?

I noticed a new body shop in Duncanville that has a lot of different classic cars in different stages of repair and paint.

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4/13/2017 11:33 AM  #8

Re: Good body shop in the DFW area?


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4/27/2021 8:26 AM  #9

Re: Good body shop in the DFW area?

This thread is old, but wondering if any of the DFW area folks have had favorable results with a local paint shop. I have heard good things about Mid Cities Mustang in Euless and Advantage Auto Works in North Richland Hills but wondering if anyone has any personal experience. . Any other opinions ?


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