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8/15/2018 10:40 AM  #1

Help with body sheet metal comparisons

I know this is personal opinion and that nothing fits like original ford metal. But, could someone with first hand experience share what sheet metal fenders, door skins, quarters they have used and what the shortcomings were.
Dynacorn, goldstar, sherman, cjpony parts (cjclassiccar) any others. I don't want to start a war here, just a comparison to educate those of us on what to expect from the different companies.


8/27/2018 9:06 AM  #2

Re: Help with body sheet metal comparisons

Well, I guess this one will be difficult for comparison. Here is the fender I recieved yesterday.
This doesn't show the full extent of the damage, it was dented up and down the whole thing.

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8/27/2018 7:29 PM  #3

Re: Help with body sheet metal comparisons

Looks like it's ready for a return to sender.

Can't remember who made the fenders I bought, by they came from John's Mustang in Houston cause he's local to me. I could pick and choose from the stock he had on hand. I would recommend a vendor local to you for that reason.

A little more money now for sheet metal should show reduced cost later for fitment and body work.

John  -- 67 Mustang Coupe 390 5 speed

8/27/2018 8:44 PM  #4

Re: Help with body sheet metal comparisons

Thanks John, I agree. I think it may have been a good thing it was dented it gives me a chance to look at a few other sheet metal companies.  Seems like most people say Dynacorn if you aren't using Ford tooling, but it seems there are plenty of people saying that they aren't the best either.

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8/29/2018 9:29 AM  #5

Re: Help with body sheet metal comparisons

Wow, there are a lot of strong opinions out there on the internet, regarding the fit and quality of the various sheet metal companies. Surely there are enough folks here that have actual experience that wouldn't mind just letting us know their personal findings. At this point based on internet searches and such it sounds like Goodmark is better than Dynacorn. Who knows. Maybe its best to just repair the rust on the original panel.

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8/29/2018 10:15 AM  #6

Re: Help with body sheet metal comparisons

Not sure where you're located however there are multiple places in & around Houston. Obviously it's always best to see the part no matter what it is before paying for it. Steve's Mustang Parts is where I shop, they're located near Waller off of 290. They won't sell a part like the one you received.

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12/11/2018 11:12 AM  #7

Re: Help with body sheet metal comparisons

I purchased some panels from mustangsunlinited years back absolute pieces of crap quarters and hood. I could've dealt with some of the panels if customer service would've been better. That was 5 or 6 years ago.I bet you could metal finish the fenders you have for your ride. Depending on your patients. How was the fender stamped out? Did it have nice crisp style lines? If she lines up nice with your car I would keep the fender. I bet that with ease you should be able to PDR that fender to be in like new condition. I would pull the existing fenders to adjust the doors. or make a custom wrench to adjust the doors to the quarters. Then check fitment of the fenders to the hood cowl etc. Remember your car isnt exactly new. Its over a unibody that has a lot of flex. It's probably been in an accident or two over the years so the gaps could be off.. Don't worry though at the rate FORD was producing the Mustang the gaps weren't perfect.

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