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7/27/2013 3:09 PM  #1

"How To" Install Cobra Front Brakes

Here is an Installation guide on Upgrading to Cobra Disc brakes on your Early Model 64-1/2 to 73 Mustangs (and other Fords using similar spindle)Mustang.Here, I will be Conducting the 94-2004 COBRA 13" Disc brake conversion using Step by step procedures to help you guys out doing the conversion. 

1)Lets start with the Basics.Here I start off by Removing the Races and replacing the Bearings on my hubs since they were a little worn. A hammer and a flat head wrench will work fine If you evenly push it out. 

2)Once Races are removed, Do not trash the old races as they become handy when Installing the new Races.Here is the Inner Bearing Race removed. 

3)I made a handy tool used to press back in the new race.I found a dumbell handle laying around and decided to weld the old Race to it.Heres how to make this tool for an easy and even Race Installation. 

*Place race to where the Part number shows on top.Basically Place it facing up.If you dont see Numbers and letterings,Its placed on the wrong side.This is a side view: 

*Next,Weld the Race to the dumbell.Once welding is done,Grind down the sides of the races just enough so it can clear the hub when Installing the new race,If you dont grind down the race a little or anything,You will have two races stuck and risk trashing a new race. 

When You are finished,You should be able to place the Dumbell race tool on top of the new race.The dumbell pipe or any pipe available should have a solid round base up top so the tool can evenly push down the new Race.Here is a demonstration of how it looks.NOTE: I already had the seal Installed but before Installation of seal,You will be doing this.You can also use this tool to install the seal also.It works Great!The same procedure goes on installing the Outer race but Instead of Using the Inner race,Use the outer race on the opposite side of the pipe or dumbell pole you use.Then,You'll have an Inner and Outer race tool 

In the End, you will have a hub looking like this: 

4)Once Hubs are prepped up and studs are in place,We can now install the COBRA 13" Disc brake conversion Using MustangSteve's COBRA-FT Retrofit Brackets available from Mustangsteve.NOTE:Calipers,Hubs,and rotors were purchased seperately.Brackets courtesy of MustangSteve. 

5)We begin By installing the Centering rings on the outer half of the hub.Tap in place with a punch hammer to seat against the flange.Here we have a start and finish look on how your hub will ook.Place rotor on the hub,and use a press to push the hub studs into the rotor.Once rotors and Hubs are pressed in a very close tolerance fit, you can put them aside for the meantime while we install the brackets. 

6)Using the supplied (4)3/8" fine-thread bolts,mount the large bracket to the spindle.Caliper mount will be towards rear of spindle.Use Grade 8 Lock washers and nuts.Bolts go into the spindle first,then into the bracket.Torque bolts to 35 lb/ft.Red loctite was used.Place thin spacer plate between the large bracket and the smaller outer bracket,secure with the supplied 1/2"bolts,nuts and lock washers.Torque evenly to 75 lb/ft using red loctite.NOTE:make sure the thin washer and outer washer line up together to clear the spindle. 

Example:Incorrect:The center peice of the large bracket and the thin middle spacer do not line up: 


Once configured correctly,you should have the brackets fully assembled and configured like this: 

7)Mount the Hub/Rotor to the spindle and adjust bearings and also check for rotor trueness.I but some lug nuts on the rotor to spindle to keep it firm.When Installing the lower half of the cobra caliper,Use the 12mm hardened steel bolts supplied with Mustangsteve's kit.Torque to 45 lbs/ft.Blue loctite is recommended.Do not use Red loctite as these bolts must be removable for future brake service. 

8)Complete assembly by assembling the caliper to the caliper mounting bracket:

9)Pop on some bullit wheels or wheels of your preferance and you are rolling!!My wheels were narrowed to 17X7 but if using 17X8, a 1"spacer is needed to avoid Rubbing of the wheel on the upper control arm.

Works Refrenced:

*MustangSteve's COBRA-FT Disc brake conversion Installation Instructions 

*MustangSteve's retrofit Brackets;Part Number:COBRA-FT 

Information on parts needed available here: 


If you have any questions, make sure to post them on the FYI Forum!


7/31/2013 10:45 PM  #2

Re: "How To" Install Cobra Front Brakes

super job....thats what i need to do....question is...are the parts (hub,caliper,rotor) available at places like autozone or are they to be taken from actual 94-04 cobras?I have a 67 coupe and they seem to differ from others,are the spindles the same and you just buy bearings for a 94-04 cobra?

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8/13/2013 8:03 PM  #3

Re: "How To" Install Cobra Front Brakes

drudy2013 wrote:

super job....thats what i need to do....question is...are the parts (hub,caliper,rotor) available at places like autozone or are they to be taken from actual 94-04 cobras?I have a 67 coupe and they seem to differ from others,are the spindles the same and you just buy bearings for a 94-04 cobra?

If your car is a V8, the stock Mustang hubs will do. If you have a six cylinder car, you need V8 spindles and V8 hub. There are reproduction V8 hubs on the market, but I don't know of any stock V8 spindle reproductions. Since you are using your stock hub, you get to use the stock bearings and races. A pair of reconditioned V8 spindles is going for about $400 on eBay these days. You can buy new Cobra rotors at most part stores, but the Cobra calipers are hard to find. There are occasionally Cobra calipers on eBay and Rockauto has rebuilt Cobra calipers on rare occasions. 

The good news is that late model Mustang GT calipers and rotors work with MustangSteve's kit.



7/13/2022 12:35 PM  #4

Re: "How To" Install Cobra Front Brakes

On a 67, the drum spindles are same for 6 and 8 cylinder cars. Hubs are different.
Only 65-66 uses different spindles on six cylinder cars.

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