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9/04/2013 10:13 AM  #1

65 6 Cylinder steering

On my last post I mentioned that I had a '65 I6 that I installed KH disc brakes on and was going to get an alignment.Members suggested that I also change out the steering components to the V8 parts and I agree. I now have all the parts needed to change everything and was wondering about a good starting point for the tierod ends. If I was just changing to parts I would count the amounts of turns out from the sleeves and just reverse to install. The V8 parts are larger, Will this procedure work as a starting point? also, what would be good good aligmnent numbers to give the shop for Toe-in, camber and caster? As always thanks for any help.


9/04/2013 12:15 PM  #2

Re: 65 6 Cylinder steering

Moved this message from the "Tips and How-To's" forum section as I think you'll get more answers here.


9/04/2013 3:26 PM  #3

Re: 65 6 Cylinder steering

Changing the spindles did not likely change your caster any, but the camber might need a change.  You can shim UCA bolts evenly front and rear until you get zero camber.  Do the camber adjustments first, then the toe.  If you use equal shim changes front/rear, it will not change caster.  A carpenter level is fine for this job.

Install the tie rods into the adjusting sleeves, evenly threaded until they are about 1/4" from touching each other.

Install pitman arm and idler arm and center link.

Center the steering wheel.

Adjust R&L wheels until pointing straight ahead with steering wheel centered.

Take measurement in front and in rear of front wheels at approx mid height of the tire.  Set toe in at 1/8" (1/16" per side, so the steering wheel stays centered.)

Do this and you will have a better alignment than you can buy anywhere.

Aim for these specs:
Caster (zero if stock, not lowered) 3 degrees each side for cars with Shelby drop.
Camber zero
Toe 1/8" toe in.

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