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9/13/2017 11:29 AM  #1

DIY wheel alignment for TKO and others

I'm interested in the possibility of doing my own front alignment. Is it possible to do this in my home garage, are there any special tools or equipment needed?
Would it be possible for someone to post a tutorial on the "How to" page?

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9/13/2017 4:05 PM  #2

Re: DIY wheel alignment for TKO and others

Search YouTube for "String alignment method". There are several to choose from.


9/13/2017 5:21 PM  #3

Re: DIY wheel alignment for TKO and others

Good work ain't cheap, Cheap work ain't good!   “My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best"

9/13/2017 7:08 PM  #4

Re: DIY wheel alignment for TKO and others

I've done it several ways.  The most accurate, and fastest method is to buy a Fastrax gauge with the toe adapter.  You're going to invest a couple hundred bucks in the setup, but a shop alignment is typically $90 around here, so 2-3 alignments pays for it.  I bought all my stuff from Amazon.  I bought the gauge, the no lip adapters, and the toe adapter.  I also got a couple of wheel plates.

I've used angle iron, blocks, and plumb bobs before to set toe, and done camber and interpolated caster with an angle finder, but I just don't have the time I once did, and I can't waste a whole Saturday or Sunday afternoon doing a job that should take an hour.  My new setup's only drawback was initial cost. 


9/14/2017 9:00 AM  #5

Re: DIY wheel alignment for TKO and others

Yes, very doable at home. A couple years ago I installed a full Street or Track suspension on my 66. I was going to be like everyone else and send it out for alignment. Then I thought if I just did all this work, why can't I don't it myself? So I did. My first alignment I literally drove out of my garage and didn't touch anything for a year. The car drove great, went dead straight, the steering wheel was perfectly centered.

A little prep work in advance makes a big difference! Get yourself the Ford shop manual. It is very helpful in expanding adjustments to the tie rods and how the shims work, if you have a 65/66. It doesn't matter if you use a spindle mount or a wheel mount, which ever you think you'll be more comfortable with. If you have steel wheels I would suggest the spindle mount over the wheel mount system as the steel wheels don't run true. Machined aluminum do. If you have a 67 & later that uses the struts for caster, there is no reason why you could not at shims to the leading bolt for extra caster which these cars need. I would say go with at least 2°positive caster, more if you can. 3° to 4° positive works very well. I run 4° with 16:1 manual steering. Camber I would say no more then O° and try for .5° negative. I'm running 1 1/8° negative camber for tire clearance but no abnormal wear. It's a very rewarding experience. You're going to take more interest in your car then someone who has 4 more cars after yours before lunch. Keep in mind too the last Mustang with double A arm suspension was 40 years ago, long before most of these guys were born who are use to strut suspension and don't have a clue about setting up a double A.

Here's a post I did on the VFM a while back on one of my alignments

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9/17/2017 10:44 AM  #6

Re: DIY wheel alignment for TKO and others

I used the Deco brand caster / camber gage to set up mine.  It isn't very expensive at $120, you can get it from Speedway or another vendor.  I went straight to the hub face, and for me it was pretty easy to set up.  I have coilovers so I was able to pull them out, and set my ride height with stands and jacks.  If you had stock suspension you would need to pull the shocks / springs and set your ride height with jacks while the car was supported, then do your caster / camber.  Trying to make those adjustments if you are using eccentric eliminators is impossible / dangerous while the car is fully assembled and all the weight is on the ground.    Once you get the camber / caster correct for the ride height then you can put it all back on the ground and do the toe in with sticks or string.  


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