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8/20/2018 7:20 PM  #76

Re: My Cars

Jwarley wrote:

Steve Buzek is a great welder & we also know of a welder who welded the hole in my block out there near Waller.

I’ll be reaching out to him.

John  -- 67 Mustang Coupe 390 5 speed

8/31/2018 11:30 PM  #77

Re: My Cars

The passenger side coil spring and shock went in Sunday evening without much issue once I got it clocked right on coil spring compressor. And man that’s an eerie feeling with that much stored energy. 
The driver side went in on Monday evening, but it didn’t go willingly!! 
Tuesday morning was an appointment with B and B Tire for a front end alignment. The drive over was sketchy, but I got there without issue. There was a night and day difference with the test drive afterwards. Here’s the car on the rack.
Left the shop and less than a mile later, I was in a parking lot out of gas!!! Guess the gas gauge was more accurate than I thought. Glad I’m a AAA gold member, 8 tows a year up to 100 miles for me and the better half. It's money well spent!!
While I'm trying to figure out that I'm out of gas, yea, should be obvious, right? There was an extreme amount of vacuum on the tank, to the point it looks to have collapsed the tank some. It’s no longer flat across the bottom. Once home, I drained the gas tank, about 2 gallons, and tweaked the sending unit. Got enough gas in it to make it back to the station for more fuel. It’s a 20 gallon and tank and spitting back like its full at about 15 gallons.
Tuesday evening was a new set of spark plugs in preparation of carb work on Wednesday. Currently, it cranks cold and goes to an idle without a choke. Then the fumes will burn your eyes once its warmed up.
Wednesday, A buddy from work came over to help with the carb. We drove it around to get it warm, then made the turn onto the feeder of the toll road and hit it from a roll in first gear, all of second, and into third. Evan’s comment was "it should have been better". Told him I had to look at the linkage, I don't think it's opening all the way. 
Back at the house, I worked on the linkage, it was getting about 1/2 half way open. Details, details. Evan played with the carb. He dropped the jets sizes on the primary & secondary plates and played with the idle screws. Now it’s more cold natured when it first cranks but doesn’t burn your eyes when it gets warm. Took the same route back to the feeder. Did the same run through the gears and was amazed how fast I exceeded the speed limit!! Evan was more impressed.
Took Sheryl out later that evening for drive to show the progress. She was excited, scared, laughing, and telling me to slow the hell down. Thankfully, she was too busy hanging on to hit me. We did manage to drive it about 25 miles. The speedometer is within 2 MPH of the speed in my Waze app.
Thursday evening was spent on the A/C controls.  Programming the controls was not difficult, but it took me 45 minutes of trouble shooting to figure out I never hooked up the keyed hot!! Can’t tell ya why I didn’t finish it, but I bet I had a good reason at the time. Also found a tab on the starter switch that’s hot when the key is off and in accessory while I’m trying to re-install it in the form a sparking sound. Got the battery disconnected and the switch back out, figured out the tab in the picture was hot, and slipped a insulated flat blade connector over it. Now its all back together.
Friday night, we drove it to dinner with a friend that retired last year. It was a little un-nerving to leave it in the parking lot by itself. I did take the coil wire with me though. Bruce that did the body and paint work told me to never worry about someone stealing it, his words were “its green and it’s a coupe, no one wants it”. We drove it around some more. Stopped for gas and later for custard.
Saturday was charging the air conditioner and watching the temperature. Its blowing cold air with my 4 foot shop fan blowing at the radiator. I don’t have a gauge that shows the actual degrees, so I use a infrared gun on the intake side of the thermostat. Its running in the 190 to 195 range with a 195 degree thermostat and one hole drilled in it. Don’t remember what size the hole is now. Moved the fan out of the way and stuck a thermometer in the radiator, it went to 205 / 210 idling in the driveway. Ambient temp was 95, the car was in the shade, no air movement except for the fan blade. Going down the road, the temp gauge rides where it has without the air conditioner.

The first test drive with the windows up and this song comes on the radio.
Sunday was spent washing and cleaning. We drove it to dinner, had to stop for gas again, it’s beginning to become a reoccurring theme. And I left the coil wire on it this time, but we were sitting outside and I could watch it. Later, I took it to the local car gathering at the nearby Freddie’s Frozen custard. It was a small turnout with about 8 cars, mostly Mustangs. That's John Worley's car next to mine with Steve Buzeks and Coupe Daddy's next to his. That's Coupe Daddy with his buddy Shorty in the picture.
I’ve drove it about 175 miles so far. The new list of things that need attention:
Check charge on AC, the air isn’t as cold as it should be when going down the road. It also seems like it satisfies the thermostat too soon and cuts out.
There are rattles in the door, other area seem OK
The Flow masters have to go. No telling what the noise from them is hiding.
Install trunk latch so I don’t have to use a screw driver
Need a better air cleaner
Valve covers are leaking oil.
Tires rub on big bumps
Gas Tank
Was out of town for work for part of the week and didn’t get a chance to do anything with the car till today. Managed to get the steering wheel aligned so its straight when the car is going straight. Took a rubber mallet to the front fenders to roll the lips in for tire clearance. The left rear fender lip was massaged too. Took a test drive the fender roll and empty the tank more so there’s less gas to drain. A couple of bumps later and it looks like I have clearance for now. Decided to extend the drive to the hardware store for small machine bolts to mount the back-up camera. Fired the car up to leave and the clutch goes to the floor!! I now have a puddle of fluid under the car. Time for another wrecker ride to the house.

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John  -- 67 Mustang Coupe 390 5 speed
     Thread Starter

10/05/2018 8:29 AM  #78

Re: My Cars

Short version of the clutch pedal is possible vibration issues that started around 50 MPH caused the hydraulic throw out bearing adjusting collar to back off. Front tires were out of balance, the driveshaft was good, and the transmission was rubbing on the cross member. After laying under the car and moving the weights around on the Centerforce, I decided to replace it with a McCleod. I don’t know that it added to the problem, but it was worth the hassle of not pulling it again. I am now good up to 80 MPH, so good enough for now. See the links for more details. I am still working at drive line angles. More on that later.
Sorry for the lack of pictures, I was in a time crunch and didn’t take the time to capture the moment!!

I got the factory window trim moldings straightened and polished. I think I scared the 
guy I scheduled to get the glass sealed and trim installed when I told him how much I spent. He went to looking for reasons to not do it. Told me that the clips that all the suppliers sell are not right. Should have been green, not black. After he left, I decided to do it myself. 

After researching and watching videos, I gave it a whirl. How bad can it be, right? With help from Sheryl and the brother in law, we got both front and back out and back in with sealer without screwing them up. I used sealer that not supposed to dry hard. That sealer is like the white pipe dope that Plummer’s and Sprinkler fitter’s use......just open it and it can get everywhere!! Since it was up on jack stands with the transmission laying under it, I passed on one of the video tip of using a water hose to check for leaks prior to installing the trim. I didn’t want the garage floor covered with that much water. In hindsight, I should have. 
One of the tips for the molding clips was to use a pair of pliers to tweak them just a bit to remove some of the tension prior to installing. “Makes the trim easier to go on” they said!! Since my clips were already on, I used a forked trim tool to open them up just a bit. Turned out to be too much on the front glass......there wasn’t enough tension left in the clips to keep the trim in place. Had to change most of the front clips out after spreading the sealer all around the glass. Talk about a mess!!
The trim went on again without too much fuss. It looks pretty good too. 
The brother in-law helped me get the clutch and transmission back in the car along with the new Borla mufflers on the Saturday before the trip. Did some grinding on the transmission cross member cause it was rubbing the transmission case.

Was still in the process of bleeding the clutch when he had to leave that night. It was really being a pain and I didn’t get it done till Sunday. 
Next up was the gas tank. It was a little collapsed from the gas cap not venting. Drained the gas, pinched off the gas line with vise grips, left the cap closed, regulated the air pressure down to 15 PSI and inflated the tank through the drain plug. It was pretty cool to see it expand back. I should have took a video.
A couple of pages and years back, I took a mallet and chunk of wood to level out the filler next in the tank. Turns out, this is a bad idea. I was more worried about getting the tank matched to the filler neck. The result is that level area is now the lowest point on the top side of the tank. Air gets trapped and the tank won’t get a full as it should!! I used some 2 x 4’s and a piece of all thread rod to raise it back up. 

Drove it to work on Monday, September 10th and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be for dealing with the other drivers in Houston rush hour traffic. Vibration now starting at 60. Yay progress. It also rained that day and I found water in the floors. ☹️ So much for getting the glass sealed.

The weather was too bad to drive on Tuesday so it stayed in the garage. After work, I took a look at the throw out bearing and it looked like it hadn’t moved. I pulled the cross member for more grinding and went for another drive. Picked up a little more speed, and I got a chance to drive it in the rain. 😱 It went pretty good till the wipers stopped mid stroke about the 1 o’clock position. Turned them off and then they moved to the 2 o’clock position and stopped....then went ahead and parked.  Had Sheryl pick up a new wiper motor on Wednesday to take on the trip. I bought some Rain X too. 

I took off Wednesday to continue getting it ready for the bash trip. Kept pulling the cross member, grinding on it for clearance, and taking a test drive. Got it to the point I could run 80 before vibration started and called it good enough for now. Was up late getting the Wesco 3 point seat belts installed, door and side panels, door handles, and the front window cranks.

Thursday morning was spent getting a box of tools together. With 378 shake down miles and a full tank of gas, we headed out to meet with the caravan, Steve, Glen, Daze, John, Charles, and Felicia to make our way to Glen Rose. It’s a great feeling to be cruising down the road with all these folks. The temperature looks good after comparing with an infrared gun in the driveway, 70 MPH at 2000 RPM, and the left rear is back to rubbing with the trunk loaded on bumps! With the drop down on the seat belts, they ride over the shoulder nicely and are very comfortable.

Had my hands at the bottom of the wheel while Sheryl took the picture.

Had lunch in Waco then filled up with gas just outside of town. I figured the tank at just over 17 MPG. Which was pretty amazing to me. 
On Friday morning, Sheryl and I went to Dinosaur Valley State Park to look at the tracks. Me and the car are sitting in the road while Sheryl is taking the picture.  The park ranger pulls up beside the car and I’m thinking he’s about to tell me to clear the road way, instead he kills that rattling diesel he’s driving and asks “is that a 67?”  Turns out he’s a Mustang nut. He got a guided tour of the car and we stood in the road blocking both lanes for about 10 minutes till more traffic appeared.

When we were leaving the burger joint after lunch, there were several that did an exhibition of speed 😱😱and I followed suit. I think I was somewhere near 5K on the tach in second gear when the green water hit the windshield......dam, I know what causes that!! Coasted down from speed as far as I could then ran about 30 into town and stopped at the nearest convenient store before the engine over heated. Raised the hood and yep, another heater hose popped off cause the spring clamps don’t hold well enough on this thing. Done that twice with a remanufactured water pump from the parts house!! Barry, aka 50vert was riding with me and give me a hand getting the hose back on and topping off the radiator. 

Saturday was the Bash with a great turnout of cars. It was great to see the folks we’ve met at the two previous we’ve attended and everyone we met this time. 

On the way home Sunday, the caravan got separated by an Audi that was running about 5 MPH slower than we were when the road narrowed to one lane.  When I got a chance to pass, I grabbed fourth and went around as best I could without blowing off another heater hose. The two Mustangs behind me just about ran me over getting back in our lane. The dyno sheet said 450 HP and that should be enough for now, but the two cars behind me both had more. We had lunch in Waco, then ran together till the Waller area when we parted ways. 
We drove it to dinner on Sunday evening and I noticed that the rear tire seems to rub more now with the trunk empty than it did before the Glen Rose trip. I was thinking the springs were settling in more. Ordered a set of longer shackles on Monday. On Tuesday, I hit a bad bump and drive the tire into the fender lip hard. It gouged part of the rubber out and pulled the fender lip. When I pulled the tire to work the lip back in, I found my spring is more than settling.

They both kinda a bad way. 

New 4 1/2 leaf Grab a trak standard eye springs have been ordered. Should get here next week. Taking a tip from Mustang Steve, I have ordered 1/2” lowered blocks and a 2 degree block for adjusting the pinion angle, if needed, that will be altered to center the rear end under the car with the new springs. 

The upholstery from TMI finally arrived. The 6 week estimated delivery was actually 12. Got new seat foam too. I will drop all the seat stuff off with the Upholstery guy to get them covered. 

John  -- 67 Mustang Coupe 390 5 speed
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