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9/14/2023 7:51 PM  #1


Welp, officially no longer gainfully employed. Self employed for the last 45 odd years, so it's doubtful how gainful it was.
No more 70-120 hour weeks. 
I'm hoping the Bash will give me some motivation, and ideas, now that I should finally have some time.

"Those telephone poles were like a picket fence"

9/14/2023 8:06 PM  #2

Re: Retired

CONGRATULATIONS BARRY!!!  Hope yours is as good as mine has been, at the very least.  Jean and I can't wait to see you folks in less than two weeks.  The three of us may have to have a celebratory taste...You, Me, and our buddy, Jack.

"you get what you pay for, good work isn't cheap, and there are NO free lunches...PERIOD!"

9/14/2023 8:07 PM  #3

Re: Retired

Don’t follow my lead on retirement. Make it stick!!!

Sure happy to see you are coming to the Bash.

Ps; your shirts arrived today

Received Leonie’s lunch payment, but not yours?

Last edited by MS (9/14/2023 10:07 PM)

Money you enjoy wasting is NOT wasted money... unless your wife finds out.

9/15/2023 12:13 AM  #4

Re: Retired

Congratulations Barry, I'm happy for y'all. I'm sure you'll find sumpin to keep ya biddy.

Bob. 69 Mach 1, 393W, SMOD Toploader, Armstrong  steering, factory AC.

9/15/2023 6:48 AM  #5

Re: Retired

Congratulations on retirement!

If multiple things can go wrong, the one that will go wrong will be the one that causes the most damage.

9/15/2023 7:33 AM  #6

Re: Retired

Congrats, Barry!

3.5 months left for me.


9/15/2023 9:05 AM  #7

Re: Retired

Congratulations Barry, enjoy every deserve it!!

Its been three years this August for me and Ive never been so busy.


9/15/2023 9:53 AM  #8

Re: Retired

Hoooray Barry, good on you . Enjoy every day to the max.

Good work ain't cheap, Cheap work ain't good!   Simple Man

9/15/2023 10:49 AM  #9

Re: Retired



9/15/2023 1:09 PM  #10

Re: Retired

Welcome, Barry, to Shady Acres. Now your biggest challenge will be what to do with each day. Congrats!

68 coupe - 351W, 4R70W, 9" 3.25 -- 65 convertible - 289 4v, C4, 8" 3.00

9/15/2023 2:42 PM  #11

Re: Retired

Congratulations Barry!


9/15/2023 5:06 PM  #12

Re: Retired

Congratulations Barry. Enjoy the new chapter.

John  -- 67 Mustang Coupe 390 5 speed

9/15/2023 6:34 PM  #13

Re: Retired

Thanks for the well wishes guys ... I think I'm gunna struggle with all the extra time a bit.
But it is a new chapter.
See y'all soon.

"Those telephone poles were like a picket fence"
     Thread Starter

9/16/2023 7:12 AM  #14

Re: Retired



9/16/2023 8:21 AM  #15

Re: Retired

Congrads Barry!!! I just reached 41 years Wednesday. Had a retirement lunch yesterday. On vacation now, my official retirement date is Oct. 1st. 

If this forum can't fix it, it isn't broke.

9/16/2023 10:58 AM  #16

Re: Retired

Congratulation on your retirement, enjoy it!
I think that you'll find many things to keep you busy.

65 Fastback, 351W, 5-speed, 4 wheel discs, 9" rear,  R&C Front End.

9/16/2023 5:47 PM  #17

Re: Retired

Congrats 'BAzah'.....Every day is Saturday'll get use-to-it !

Get busy Liv'in or get busy Die'n....Host of the 2020 Bash at the Beach/The only Bash that got cancelled  )8

9/16/2023 6:02 PM  #18

Re: Retired

50vert wrote:

Thanks for the well wishes guys ... I think I'm gunna struggle with all the extra time a bit.
But it is a new chapter.
See y'all soon.

If you're like anyone else who retired you're gonna be busier, and wonder how you got anything done while you were working. Butt maybe you're special. 😁

Bob. 69 Mach 1, 393W, SMOD Toploader, Armstrong  steering, factory AC.

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