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2/20/2020 5:14 PM  #1

66 mustang coupe project

I use to be heavily involved in owning and working on mustangs.  11 years ago we moved to Fl from Oh and I ended up selling my 65 fastback.  Last January I was looking at getting back into the mustang game and start a project with my son.  I ran across an ad on facebook and the description wasn't all that great.  I noticed in one of the pictures the balancer looked really thick and I said that's a Boss 302.  

It turned out to be a 69 Boss 302 stuffed into a 66 coupe.  The towers were torched up to make room for the headers, car was rusty.  Long story short is I sold the motor and trans to fund the build.

The car has new rear frame rails installed, all new trunk floors, outer wheel tubs, DSE mini tubs, one piece floor fitted and ready to be welded in, Rod & Custom MII welded in, cowl is removed and will be welded in soon.  Made my own T5 cross member.  Picked up a 418 351W stroker motor that has 500HP.  Bought a G force built T5, twin disk clutch and a new steel flywheel.  9 inch rear axle which may get a 3.70 gear.  Relocated the leaf springs inward with the Crites kit.   Plan on installing the 03-04 Cobra brakes front and rear.  Made the frame connectors and used the plans from Daze.  I added two inserts to each corner with the plans of making my own X brace to tie the connectors together.

It's been a year since we bought it and I was hoping to have the body work finished by now.  Within a month or so it will be blasted and sealed in epoxy primer.


2/22/2020 9:26 AM  #2

Re: 66 mustang coupe project

WOW! When you get back in it you don't fool around.!

"anyone that stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty"Henry Ford

2/22/2020 2:40 PM  #3

Re: 66 mustang coupe project

I most likely never would have taken on such a project but when you end up with the car being free and another $3000 to put back into in it.  It was hard to pass up.  Plus I figured it would make a great father son project.  Not many kids get a chance to dig this deep into a project.


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2/22/2020 2:43 PM  #4

Re: 66 mustang coupe project

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7/13/2020 9:19 PM  #5

Re: 66 mustang coupe project

That is so cool!😎

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7/16/2020 6:25 PM  #6

Re: 66 mustang coupe project

Nice welding...

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7/17/2020 5:48 PM  #7

Re: 66 mustang coupe project


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1/07/2021 11:24 PM  #8

Re: 66 mustang coupe project

Did you use a bead roller for the stiffener that you added to the shock tower delete panel?


1/07/2021 11:25 PM  #9

Re: 66 mustang coupe project

Very neat build keep up the great work


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