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1/19/2020 6:55 PM  #1

Weld-on Shelby hood scoop

Originally, for my hood, I'd bonded an old, cheaply made fiberglass hood skin to a metal frame and it worked for a time.  However, after a while, the ungelcoated thin fiberglass started to print through.  Plus, the flimsy fiberglass just made it untenable.  So I got an original steel hood for $100 and one of those new steel Shelby scoops and welded the two together.  The original steel hood was pretty clapped out and required a lot of body work to be usable, so I didn't feel bad about cutting a hole in it.  Below are a few pics about how I did it, using a Lincoln 140 MIG welder.  I butt welded the metal, using 0.024" wire and the usual 75/25 gas mix.  As everyone knows, the biggest problem is preventing warpage.  I took the usual approach of tack welding, skipping around the perimeter, but used butt clamps and kept wet paper towels around the weld.  The result was very little warpage.  The other thing I did was to extend the hood's sheet metal under the scoop until it met the bracing, unlike the typical approach where the hood's sheet metal is cut off right at the opening.


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1/19/2020 7:09 PM  #2

Re: Weld-on Shelby hood scoop

I'd add a few more pics but apparently I've reached my limit for now.

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1/25/2020 2:46 PM  #3

Re: Weld-on Shelby hood scoop

More pics!


1/27/2020 10:03 AM  #4

Re: Weld-on Shelby hood scoop

Here are some more pics:
Note that in the first, I used wet strips of blue paper towels to keep the butt weld seam cool to minimize warpage.

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1/27/2020 1:53 PM  #5

Re: Weld-on Shelby hood scoop

Looks nice!

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1/28/2020 10:43 AM  #6

Re: Weld-on Shelby hood scoop

Real nice work.

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1/29/2020 6:37 PM  #7

Re: Weld-on Shelby hood scoop

Very nicely done!!!  Want to do another one?
I have always resisted the scoop thing because fiberglass hoods, bonding issues, warpage, etc.  lt looks like you figured out how to make it work!

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1/29/2020 7:26 PM  #8

Re: Weld-on Shelby hood scoop

Thanks.  Maybe at some point I'd be willing to do another, but right now I'm remodeling a house in Sequim, WA.

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1/31/2020 10:04 AM  #9

Re: Weld-on Shelby hood scoop

Good job and thanks for the write up

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